Submission Guidelines

Abstracts reception will open on September 5, 2022. The deadline for abstract submission is November 30, 2022. The activities and presentations of WCEE11 will be in English. In the case of CAIQ2023, the XXX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering and CIBIQ20213, which are incorporated to WCCE11, it will be possible to present abstracts in Spanish or Portuguese. In this case, Oral and Posters presentations will be given in especially dedicated meeting rooms All accepted abstracts will appear in the WCCE11 Abstract Proceedings. It is optional the possibility of submitting Full Papers of the Abstracts approved. The accepted full papers will appear in the WCCE11 Full Papers Proceedings.

Instructions for completing the templates
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Title: (Arial font, size14 point, bold type, single space between lines, centered text)

Author:A.A. 1, Second-Author, B.B. 2, Third, C.C.3 (Arial font size 12 point, bold type centered text)
Affiliations and complete addresses. (Arial italic font, size 10 point, single space between lines, justified text)
Please underline the corresponding author and specify her/his email address.

Text: Arial font, size 10 point, single space between lines, justified.
Abstracts for WCCE11 must be submitted in English, including objectives, materials and methods, results and main conclusions.
The length of the abstract (excluding title, author names, affiliations, but including references) should be between 2800 and 3200 characters including spaces.
The abstract should be informative, carefully prepared, with the new insights stressed in order to enable the Scientific Committee to judge the scientific merit of the work.
Authors can include an image (table, graph, or photograph) in the abstract. In this case, the maximum number of characters should be reduced to 2500. If the authors include color figures, it is their responsibility to ensure that the figures are easy to read and understand even in grayscale mode.
References in the text should be given by numbers in brackets [ ].
References (with a maximum of two), follow the last line of the text with one extra line inserted.
The abstract is strictly limited to one page and must be submitted as a .pdf file < 1MB.
Please do not change the format of the abstract template.

References: (Arial font, size 9 point, justified text)
1. Zhang, S., LŁ, T., Qi, D., Zhao, H. (2017). Flocculation performance and mechanism of chitosan-based flocculants in the treatment of emulsified oily wastewater. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 38(7), 1049-1054.

Abstract Template-English
Abstract Template-EspaŮol
Abstract Template-PortuguÍs

Full Paper Template

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