1- Chemical Engineering Science

  • 01a-Thermodynamics.
  • 01b-Heat and mass transfer.
  • 01c-Separation technologies.
  • 01d-Fluid mechanic and transport phenomena. Micro ans nano fluids.
  •  2- Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis

  • 02a-Reactions, reactors.
  • 02b-Polymerization processes. Modeling.
  • 02c-Catalitic processes (petrochemicals, environment, fine and green chemistry, etc.)
  • 02d-Electrochemical processes. Corrosion.
  •  3- Process Systems Engineering

  • For topics see: "Special Event on Process Systems Engineering"   and from there on top click SUBMISSION to submit the paper
  •  4- Biotechnology, Bioeconomy, Bioindustries

  • 04a-Biotechnological processes.
  • 04b-Environmental and industrial biotechnology.
  • 04c-Bio-based economy.
  • 04d-Biocatalysis and biotransformation. Basic aspects of applied engineering.
  • 05- Food Engineering

  • 05a-Food biotechnology and nanotechnology.
  • 05b-Conservation, packaging, storage and food quality.
  • 05c-Food industry, agroindustry.
  •  6- Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

  • 06a-Conventional oil and gas
  • 06b-Shale gas and shale oil
  • 06c-Renewable energy, hydrogen, fuel cells
  • 06d-Fuels from biomass and other alternative energies.
  • 06e-New technologies for energy storage
  • 06f-Driving change to sustainable energy
  •  7- Materials and Nanotechnology

  • 07a-Ceramics, hybrid materials, polymers.
  • 07b-Nanotechnology. Nano materials. Development and applications.
  • 07c-Biomaterials. Other materials. Industrial applications.
  • 07d-Particle technology.
  •  8- Process Intensification, New Innovative Processes, Process Industries

  • 08a-Process Intensification, New Innovative Processes
  • 08b-Chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • 08c-Oil and gas production and refining industry.
  • 08d-Pharmaceutical industry. Paper, steel, nuclear and other industries.
  •  9- Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Big Data

  • 09a-Industry 4.0, Smart Factory
  • 09b-Big Data
  • 10- Education in Chemical Engineering

  • 10a-Curricula.
  • 10bsDistant learning and evaluation.
  • 10c-Process safety and sustainability teaching.
  • 10d-Laboratories and professional practices.
  • 11- Process Safety

  • 11a-Management systems, best practices. Evaluation and performance metrics
  • 11b-Risk Evaluation Techniques, HAZOP, LOPA. Consequences Modeling
  • 11c-Instrumented safety systems (SIS).
  • 11d-Fire and Explosions. Risk Reduction Strategies
  • 10e - Mechanical Integrity and Facilities Reliability
  • 12- Sustainability and the Environment

  • 12a-Environmental management.
  • 12b-Environmental and soil remediation. Solid, liquid and gaseous effluents. Nano materials applications.
  • 12c-Clean and emerging processes. Life cycle analysis.
  • 12d-Waste processing and conversion of waste into energy. Circular economy
  • 13-Business and Project Management

  • 13a-Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering.
  • 13b-Business and project management.

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